Call for Co-organizer of the C4E Forum 2020

The story behind the C4E Forum

The C4E Forum started as a regional event focusing on the whole CEE region. The first edition took place in Balchik, Bulgaria and the second one in Serock, Poland. In 2020 we would like to move again to another country of the region.

The C4E Forum is also growing. While in 2016 we had 180 participants, in 2018 it was already 210 and we expect a bit more again in 2020.

Organizing such a large event in a new country and new location requires that we have a reliable local partner on the ground. Both the ECF and C4B have invested heavily in developing the C4E Forum and are now looking for other organisations to partner with and to share the effort of organising the 2020 edition of the C4E Forum.

Thus, on behalf of the European Climate Foundation and Chance for Buildings, as the organizers of C4E Forum, we are launching a call for co-organizers of the planned C4E Forum 2020.

This is a great opportunity for you to profile your country and your organization!


What are we looking for?

We are looking for an established organization (with legal entity) in one of the countries of the CEE region which will cooperate with us on all phases of the organizing process:

  • Scouting for potential venues, shortlisting a couple of them, visiting them, choosing the final one and signing a contract with the venue
  • Jointly developing the conference programme
  • Building a budget of the event, deciding on registration fees
  • Running the registration process, promoting the event and managing its marketing
  • Collecting registration fees and managing outgoing payments
  • Operating the presentation submission process, helping us designing the panel sessions and getting high-level speakers

And of course, we would like to maintain the spirit of the C4E Forum as an informal, CEE focused conference addressing energy efficiency policy challenges in a practical way.

What support do we offer?

How will we support you:

  • We have done this twice already in two different countries and venues. We have a lot of knowledge which we have put down into an extensive manual that we will make available to you.
  • The members of previous organizing committees will also join your committee and provide continuous feedback and guidance
  • The cost of work you put into organizing C4E Forum will be in the end in all likelihood recovered from the revenues of the event
  • The programme outline of C4E is tried and tested and it works
  • We will help bringing on board pre-agreed corporate sponsors and contributing partners thus significantly reducing financial risk
  • We will help with promotion (our database consists of 600+ GDPR-compliant contacts)

Contact us!

Please get in touch with us via info@c4eforum.net if you have any questions. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.

This call is open till end of March 2019.