About EuroACE

EuroACE was formed in 1998 by Europe’s leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution, and installation of a variety of energy savings goods and services. EuroACE works together with the European Institutions to help Europe move towards an efficient use of energy in buildings, thereby contributing to the EU’s commitments on job creation, energy security, and sustainability.


EuroACE workshop at C4E Forum 2018

Solving the EPBD Puzzle

Thursday (14 June) - 15.15-16.15


This Workshop will be the opportunity to discuss solutions to solve this ‘EPBD puzzle’. How should we interpret the revised text of the Directive? How should we bring together the right policy measures and adequate financing? How should we design measures to make all technologies fit together?  
Join us to rightly put together all the EPBD puzzles pieces to boost building renovation activity in the coming years! The session is relevant to all CEE region countries.
15.15  Introduction by the Moderator - “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Hélène SIBILEAU, Senior EU Affairs Managers, EuroACE - Presentation of EuroACE - The current EU policy context (EPBD transposition) - The benefits of a holistic approach
15.25  An overview of EuroACE Guidance Notes   Bringing the EU legislation closer to transposition at national level   Adrian JOYCE, Secretary General, EuroACE
15.35  Puzzle Piece I: how to bring policy measures and financing together? Puzzle Solver: local actors in cities Dragomir TZANEV, Executive Director, EnEffect Centre for Energy Efficiency, Bulgaria
15.45  Puzzle Piece II: how to bring different technologies together? Puzzle Solver: overview of progress on Building Renovation Passports Horia PETRAN, Senior Researcher, NIRD URBAN-INCERC, IBroad Partner
15.55  Puzzle Out Session  Give us your input on how to transpose the EPBD in a CEE country perspective! Moderated debate and puzzle game with participants
16.10  Conclusions  Adrian JOYCE, Secretary General, EuroACE
16.15  End of Workshop

You can download more info on the workshop here.