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Train-to-NZEB - Final Conference of the Train-to-NZEB project

"World-class training for 21st century construction"

Time and venue: 13 June, 10.00-15.00 in Sekwana Room

Before the C4E Forum opening plenary Train-to-NZEB, which runs a network of 5 construction training centers specialized in energy efficiency: in Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Ukraine, organizes a pre-conference workshop dedicated to the best practices in continuing training and education of construction specialists.

This will not be your regular workshop. Organizers will work with airtighght tape and membrane, do bowties, measure your body temperature and check how you breathe. Curious? Come and join, there will be a lot of surprises!

Free registration at https://goo.gl/forms/UK5XPNWkmjsdJ4u12

Expect more news at www.facebook.com/train2nzeb and www.twitter.com/Train2nZEB!


Why organise a pre-conference event?

Organising a pre-conference event before the official opening of the C4E Forum is a great opportunity for you to reach a wider audience. At the same time, you enable the participants to attend an additional event, which might otherwise not make it into their busy schedule.

You also have the advantage of utilising a comprehensive package that we have negotiated for you with the venue, saving you time in the planning process.

Facilities and costs

We have pre-booked a selection of meeting rooms for 13 June 2018 at the Narvil Hotel Resort at special discounted rates. All rooms are fully equipped with modern technology and can be set up as theatre, Classroom, U-shape or any other setting you prefer. Food and beverages can also be ordered.

Room availability and costs

Would you like your guests to arrive the day before and be already onsite for the start of your event? We have pre-booked rooms at the venue in case you need them!

Your contact

To get more information about how to organise a pre-conference event and to book the facilities, please contact us at info@c4eforum.net.