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The ROCKWOOL Group is the world leader in fire resilient stone wool solutions for a wide range of applications. Stone wool is a versatile material and forms the basis of all our businesses, from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, external cladding systems to horticultural solutions, engineered fibres for industrial use to insulation for the process industry, marine & offshore. Our heritage is rooted in stone wool.

At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to enriching the lives of everyone. Whether it’s fire resilient buildings, energy consumption, noise pollution, water or food scarcity or flooding, we’re developing products to tackle the world’s biggest sustainability and development problems. Our intention is for all buildings to be safe, affordable, efficient and comfortable.

The ROCKWOOL Group has a global presence with more than 10,800 dedicated employees and production facilities in 40 locations concentrated in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia. Our global focus areas range from fire resilient buildings, energy efficiency to acoustic comfort, water and food scarcity to urban aesthetics.

Why we sponsor the C4E Forum

The ROCKWOOL Group believe energy efficiency is a key tool to contribute to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and should be recognised as a priority independently from the source of energy supply, because of its own value in terms of delivering benefits in the form of thermal comfort, reduction of energy poverty, reduction of peak demand, energy security and improved air quality. Building an energy efficiency community for CEE countries can be a great place to share knowledge and learnings on energy efficiency projects, policies and programmes happening in the region.


Website: www.rockwool.com
Email: communications.RI@rockwool.com or Susanne.dyrboel@rockwool.com
Twitter: @ROCKWOOLInt


Joint sesion by Rockwool&Velux at C4E Forum 2018

“Improvement of air quality, indoor climate, energy efficiency and innovations - Panel discussion about benefits from thermal renovation of single family houses.”

When: Thursday (14 June), 14.00 – 16.15; Where: Wisła room

Experts (panellists):

- Mr. Piotr Woźny - Government plenipotentiary for „Clean Air” program.
- Mr. Andrzej Guła, Lider of Polish Smog Alert;
- Mr. Piotr Lewandowski, President of the board,  Institute of Structural Research
- Mr. Christian Schnell – V-ce president of the board,  Union of Entrepreneurs and
Employers of Energy Sector.
- Mrs. Susanne Dyrbøl - Public Affairs Director, Rockwool International (co-host of the
- Mr. Jacek Siwiński  - President of the board, Velux Polska (co-host of the panel);

Panel program:

The panel will consist of four parts:
1) Introductory presentations (2 x after 15 minutes - Rockwool, Velux), (30 minutes);
2) Discussion between experts, (70 minutes);
3) Q & A between experts and the audience (about 10 minutes),
4) Recommendations based on panel’s conclusions (approximately 5 - 10 minutes), (5 minutes);

Introductory presentations - main assumptions:

•    VELUX - Presentation of the "Healthy Homes Barometer 2017" report:
-    The condition of single-family houses in Poland and their impact on the health of
-    The influence of single-family houses on air pollution;
-    Social costs resulting from the poor condition of buildings;
-    System solutions for air quality improvement;

•    ROCKWOOL presentation (presented by Konrad Witczak, Norms and standards specialist in ROCKWOOL Polska):
-     The impact of thermal modernization of single-family houses on improving air
quality, reducing the need for energy carriers - the scale of a single building, commune and the country;
-     Thermal modernization and what’s next? Improvement of energy efficiency through thermal modernization as the basis for the implementation of innovative solutions: modern workplaces, renewable energy, energy storage, energy clusters, smart grids;

You can dowload the outline as .pdf here.