Session types

Different types of sessions will take place throughout the three conference days, each delivering knowledge and information in an engaging and interactive way. 

Parallel sessions

  • Parallel sessions are one of the main reasons participants come to the C4E Forum. This is where you meet your peers from other countries who may be dealing with similar problems as you and get some inspiration and/or compare your experience.
  • By participants for participants, under the guidance of experienced panel leaders, on Thursday and Friday morning there will be two consecutive sets of 4-6 parallel practical sessions in which participants will have an opportunity to present and discuss burning topics with other participants.
  • Each 90min panel will start with 3 presentations of max 15 minutes each, leaving about half of the slot for discussion. For topics that require more time, two consecutive sessions can be allocated.

Click here to submit your presentation outline for a parallel session.


Plenary sessions

  • The opening high-level plenary on Wednesday afternoon will focus on the broader policy picture and we are currently searching for great speakers for this plenary.
  • The plenary panel discussion on Thursday afternoon will have a focus on solutions and case studies.
  • If you have ideas about great speakers (preferably from the CEE region) please let us know at info@c4eforum.net



  • The afternoon workshops are dedicated to interactive sessions organised by our sponsors and partners. 


DIY sessions

The DIY sessions are open to your creativity and are aimed specifically at creating even more networking opportunities. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Organise a private meeting with the colleagues from your network to catch up on your latest project developments. Meeting rooms are available - ask us for more information. 
  • Venture on a hike with fellow participants in the beautiful nature around the Narvil Hotel. 
  • Try geocaching, kayaking, fishing or birdwatching together with other participants.

You can organise a DIY session in advance or be spontaneous on the day!