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Topics at the C4E Forum

The C4E forum is all about sharing experiences related to energy efficiency and learning from each other. We aim to cover a number of energy efficiency related topics that we expect to be of interest to you. As a start, we have identified the following key topics to be discussed at the C4E Forum. However, we are open to suggestions, and you can put forward other topics when you register to attend the event or when you submit your presentation outline.

  • Capacity building
  • Circular economy
  • Financing the renovation of the building stock
  • Governments leading by example
  • Healthy buildings
  • Implementation of EU policies
  • Innovation in the building sector
  • Leadership at local level
  • Multiple benefits of energy efficiency
  • Renovation programmes
  • Role of buildings in the energy system

The topics will be woven into an interactive programme combining parallel sessions, creative workshops, DIY sessions and evening plenaries with high-level speakers. And of course, there will be plenty of informal networking opportunities.