What participants said about 2016 edition

Results of post-event survey

Thanks to all participants who responded we managed to get 70 responses (response rate of almost 40%)

Key results:

  • The two most important reasons that made participants decide to come to C4E Forum were:
    • The focus on CEE region 
    • The mix of stakeholders from across sectors (government, business, civil society)
    • Followed by presence of high-level speakers from business, national level and EU level
  • Participants made on average 6-10 new connections and are planning to actively get in touch with 1-5 of them in near future.
    • The most valuable connections are peers from the same sector but different country (e.g. government to government between countries).
  • Over 90% of participants learned something new, of that more than 40% received “a lot of new impulses”
  • No participant said C4E Forum was complete waste of time. 80% were fully or mostly happy and 15% even said C4E Forum exceeded their expectations.
  • 75% of participants said the duration of C4E Forum (two and half days) was just right, 18% would like it longer.
  • The best rated program component was the closing session with inspirational speech by George Marshall (scoring higher than even the free evening program!), followed by informal and parallel sessions.
  • 58% of participants are definitely of most likely coming to next C4E Forum again and another 37% maybe.
    • Only 5% said "probably not" and nobody said clear no.
    • Moreover, overwhelming 90% of participants would recommend C4E Forum to their colleagues.
  • There is also a significant interest for some smaller projects and event in the meantime before next C4E Forum in 2018 - the Planning Committee will be looking into that 

Apart from these aggregated quantitative data, the participants provided wealth of qualitative recommendations and tips (often contradictory:-) about how to make the C4E Forum even better next time. All these comments will be taken under consideration in the planning of the next C4E Forum.