Clean Air Fund

Clean Air Fund

The Clean Air Fund is a global philanthropic initiative that supports organisations around the world working to combat outdoor air pollution, improve human health and accelerate decarbonisation. We bring together funders, researchers, policy makers and campaigners to find and scale solutions that will provide clean air for all.

Why we sponsor the C4E Forum

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Yet every year, millions of adults and children die prematurely, develop life-threatening diseases or see their health affected by air pollution. In Europe, 19 of the 25 most polluted cities based on PM2.5 pollution are based in Central and Eastern Europe, and according to air monitoring databases, those living in Eastern Europe and the Balkans are typically breathing more toxic particulate air pollution than their neighbours in Western Europe.

Indoor air pollution in particular stems from coal and wood burning as well as faulty or unvented gas boilers or cookers. Outdoor air pollution sources are amongst others power generation, transport and industry. Yet air quality and energy efficiency are closely linked, and many measures aimed at improving energy efficiency also improve air quality and vice versa. There is an important opportunity in Central and Eastern Europe to include air quality in the debate on energy efficiency, healthy buildings and communities, as well as reducing harm to health, the built environment and decreasing dirty energy use.

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