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What is the C4E Forum?

The story of the C4E Forum

You may be asking: "Did we really need another energy efficiency conference?" But we wanted to be different. We wanted the C4E Forum to be not your average conference: 

  • Most conferences are focused on advanced Western European countries, whose policies are not always relevant and applicable in the CEE context.
  • Some conferences tend to be too academic and produce only general conclusions. We wanted something very practical, which policy professional could really use in their daily work.
  • Most of all, we wanted to help build a vibrant Central and Eastern Europe’s energy efficiency community which continues working together beyond the event itself. So we pay lot of attention to informal networking

So did it work? We think it did. 

  • The first edition of C4E Forum 2016 took place in Balchik at the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria in an informal setting and attracted 180 participants. We welcomed a mix of participants from governments, the public sector, NGOs, civil society and business. And the participants were kind enough to give us overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  • At the second edition in 2018, which took place in Narvil resort in Serock, Poland, we welcomed already 210 participants (17% up). We are collecting feedback again, but some participants already told us they liked the C4E Forum and they will be back.

Six things that make C4E Forum special

  1. Focus on the CEE region
    Most events like this tend to be West-centric. C4E Forum 2018 had more than 75% of participants from the CEE region and heavy CEE focus as a result.

  2. With policy-makers in the room
    Too often policies are being discussed without the policy-makers present. Over 30% of participants in 2018 were from the governments and public sector.

  3. Informal network-building atmosphere
    It's not just about work. In 2018 we had live band again, karaoke competition and DIY sessions including river kayaking and biking. As a result, C4E Forum participants made typically 6-10 new lasting contacts. 

  4. Time-efficient
    Lot of knowledge and practical experience with ample room for networking condensed into half a week – just enough to immerse, but not taking all week.

  5. Gender-balanced
    The world of energy efficiency is moved forward by both genders and C4E Forum tries to reflect that. In 2018 we set a record balance of 49.5% women and 50.5% men.

  6. Affordable
    A non-profit event at an affordable cost. The fee is as low as possible and includes access to all sessions, accommodation and all meals during the event.