Poster session 2023

Energy room

23-25 May, during the coffee breaks

For the first time at the C4E Forum for this years edition we invite the Participants to get to know other experts work by viewing posters:

    1. International cooperation in energy communities – inspiration for Slovakia, Stanislav Laktiš, Slovak Innovation Energy Agency (SIEA), SLOVAKIA
    2. Leveraging public EU funds to accelerate the democratic energy transition, Felix Felix Kriedemann,, BELGIUM
    3. Supporting multi-level governance and empowering the municipalities for the energy transition, Antoniya Novakova, EnEffect, BULGARIA
    4. New infrastructure for regional decarbonisation planning in Slovakia, Juraj Zamkovský, Slovak Innovation Energy Agency (SIEA), SLOVAKIA
    5. Smart Energy Efficiency Services using Flexibility at Demand-side, Jiri Karasek, Seven, CZECH REPUBLIC
    6. Refsite. Independent platform that links together, Petr Kotek, Refsite Group, CZECH REPUBLIC

Come and discuss with the Authors during the coffee breaks.