Controversial ideas session 2023

Wednesday 24 May, 17.oo-18.15

Golden Hall, Pezinok, Simak Castle

The idea behind the controversial ideas session is that we have all been there. Conferences often feel like preaching to the choir. Everyone patting each other on the back, agreeing on everything. It can even get a bit boring. Yet, we all know the best memorable events are the ones that are spiced up by a little controversy e.g. Do we need more policy at EU level or do we need the MS acting now?
Moderator – Ondrej Sramek.
  1. Roland Gladushenko (BE)
  2. Kristina Korčeková (SVK)
  3. Olga Mihalikova (SVK)
  4. Barbara Botos (HU)
  5. Adrien Bullier (BE)