Forum 2021

Anna Hotel
Poiana Brașov, Romania
Tuesday to Friday
September 21 to 24, 2021

Our Speakers

General Program Structure

C4E Forum 2021 agenda offers an engaging blend of practical parallel sessions, workshops, high-level plenaries, a slot for DIY sessions and plenty of social and networking opportunities around it all. We introduced two panel session wrap-ups aimed to enable the input of those who were not able to participate in a specific session and “controversial ideas session” during which we would like to address topics from a slightly different perspective.

Panel Sessions

Panel Sessions gather experts from different countries who their experience and knowledge. The list of confirmed panel sessions is available here.


High-level plenary sessions (opening and closing) will provide an overall picture and context both from the EU and CEE perspective.


Interactive workshops with our sponsors and contributing partners will focus on practical issues in and for the countries. More information here.

Closing talk

This year the topic will be “Our planet – the responsibility we all share. A better world is created by better citizens”. More information here.

Conference Schedule

  • 21 Sept. 2021 - Tue

  • 22 Sept. 2021 - Wed

  • 23 Sept. 2021 - Thu

  • 24 Sept. 2021 - Fri

  • Pre-conference Event – C4E Forum 2021

    Reaching of the 2030 and 2050 energy and climate objectives represents a major challenge for the construction sector, which needs to be ready to deliver high energy performing renovations and, in particular, nearly zero-energy buildings. Renovation Wave for Europe is meant to support this goal, but requires a major effort to increase the number of qualified construction specialists at all levels, across the whole building design, operation and maintenance value chain.

    The workshop aims to provide participants with insights on some of the initiatives being implemented under Construction Skills, sharing of best-practice from the region and an opportunity to exchange with the audience on ways to support the construction sector and the market in general to deliver the speed, mass and quality and performance required by the Renovation Wave for Europe.

    The target audience is broad and includes professionals (from energy auditors for buildings and designers to representatives of construction companies and on-site tradespersons), decision makers (central and local authorities, representatives of financial institutions and building owners) and technology suppliers.

    The workshop is organised as a pre-conference event within the C4E Forum 2021 under the framework of the nZEB Ready project, a Horizon 2020 action aiming to support the increase of the market readiness for an effective nZEB implementation and to stimulate the demand for energy related skills. The project is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101033733.

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  • • Role of buildings in the energy system
    • Moving renovation to the next level
    • SMARTER Finance for Families - Horizon 2020
    • Alleviating energy poverty through building renovation and ensuring a just energy transition (1)

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    Panel Sessions

  • • Community support centers as a prerequisite for multi apartment building renovations
    • NZEB for the future
    • Energy savings in reality not just on paper
    • How to draft effective Long-Term Renovation Strategies?

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    Panel Sessions

  • ROCKWOOL workshop in coopearation with EURIMA – Leveraging EU support schemes to deliver the Renovation Wave

    Ministries, cities, local authorities, businesses and households are experiencing a number of different hurdles when they try to scale up renovation activities while at the same time aiming to deliver high-quality work.

    Deploying technical assistance at all levels can play a central role in removing administrative, financial and other hurdles to renovate buildings. Building up administrative, technical and logistical capacity is an enabler for ensuring a smooth process together with education and training of the workforce. At EU-level the available support to Member States to implement energy efficiency projects is increasing.

    The workshop aims to provide participants with insights on available EU support schemes, sharing of best-practice from the region and an opportunity to exchange with panellists on ways to leverage available resources.

    Knauf Insulation workshop in cooperation with EuroACE & EU-ASE & RoENEF - How to initiate, incentivise and implement a national energy efficiency advocacy platform

    Advocacy platforms are vehicles to communicate business and end-user needs for energy efficiency policies to governments. The workshop will share experience with initiating such platforms and organisations and running them with focus on performance. Business and NGO representatives are welcome to share and learn about establishing, funding and managing advocacy associations in Central and Eastern European circumstances. Government officials are appreciated to express their expectations from such platforms to enable constructive stakeholder dialogue.

  • Having controversial thoughts? Don’t be afraid, share them!

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  • • Removing financial and other barriers to renovation
    • Financing renovation of residential building stock
    • Building today, Building tomorrow! Session by Velux.
    • Municipal renovation strategies – Our buildings
    • Tackling Energy Poverty through the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) energy savings obligation

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    Panel Sessions

  • • Skills, need for training in energy efficiency
    • The nexus of energy efficiency, air quality and health
    • Governments leading in climate policies
    • Alleviating Energy Poverty Through Renovations: Local Experiences and Reality Checks
    • Where to get the money to support energy efficiency?

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    Panel Sessions

  • Closing talk by Mihai Toader-Pasti – Our planet-the responsibility we all share. A better world is created by better citizens. For the inspirational closing talk at C4E Forum 2020 we have invited Mihai Pasti – young and successfull Romanian expert in the field of green buildings. Mihai Toader-Pasti is a co-founder and Manager of EFdeN – a Romanian project on research, design and build that developed 2 of the most sustainable houses for the Solar Decathlon International Competition in Versailles 2014 and Dubai 2018. Mihai has also worked as a Development and Policies Manager at Green Building Council Romania and is part of the board of the strategy and communication committee of the World Energy Council. In 2016 Mihai co-founded the project energiaTa that created the first community of prosumers in Romania. More info

Topical blocks description:

Plenaries are an opportunity to gather all C4E participants in one place and attend presentations of high level Speakers from international institutions, CEE countries and EU, invited to present and discuss regionally relevant subjects.

Welcome cocktail is the first informal meeting after the Opening plenary and dinner, the first opportunity to get together and engage with the energy efficiency community. Usually, for a few moments the floor is also given to the Sponsors for a short introduction.

Panel Sessions are topical sessions created based on the presentations provided by the Participants. Depending on the number of presentations submitted by the Participants there might be organized simultaneously up to 5 sessions, in different meeting rooms. Th usual structure of such an event includes 3 slots of 12 minutes presentations on a specific topic within a session moderated by a Panel Leader.
Each panel session duration is 90 minutes and the 2nd half is dedicated to the engagement with audience and break-out group work.

Workshops are 60 minutes events prepared and hosted by Sponsors and Contributing Partners, even in a co-operative manner. OC strongly encourages the Sponsors to prepare a workshop on an important, relevant topic and avoid product-related PR.

DIY session is a 2 hour slot on Thursday afternoon used for relaxing and engaging activities that involve all Participants for a good quality time spent together.

Closing talk is a short talk on broader topic given by inspirational/motivational speaker.

Parties are an important part of the program, no explanation needed

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