Controversial ideas session

Having controversial thoughts? Don’t be afraid, share them!

Room: Ana 2+3

We have all been there. Conferences often feel like preaching to the choir. Everyone patting each other on the back, agreeing on everything. It can even get a bit boring. Yet, we all know the best memorable events are the ones that are spiced up by a little controversy. That’s what we are looking to add to the C4E Forum agenda this year!

Do we collectively have what it takes to step up and talk about them openly? It turns out we do!

Here are some of the topics we will cover in the informal (and we hope entertaining) session:

“Energy Performance Certificates are the cornerstone of energy efficiency in buildings, but too often they fail us. We need a better approach based on real measuring.”
“Mandatory energy performance requirements on new buildings work. That does not mean they will work the same for renovations.”
“Pushing for “10% better than NZEB” for new build in EU Taxonomy seems like a good idea at first – until member states start loosening NZEB requirements.”
“We need to at least double renovation rates. But just pouring more money into subsidies for renovations of buildings can actually slow renovations down.”

The discussion will include following speakers:

  • Emilia Cerna-Mladin, President of the Romanian Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings
  • Tomas Trubacik, Analyst at Chance for Buildings, Czechia
  • Richard Paksi, Analyst at Buildings for Future, Slovakia
  • Petr Holub, Consultant at Buildings 21, Czechia
  • You, the audience