Forum 2016

C4E Forum 2016

How was C4E Forum 2016?

The first edition of C4E Forum took place in June 2016 in Balchik Bulgaria.

We had following objectives in mind when organising it:

  1. It has to be practical and concrete, not just academic. People should be able to learn things they can apply when they come back home. The conclusion should never be just “more research is needed”.
  2. If it is about policy, it has to have a good mix of people from business, government and NGO sectors. There are already too many conferences discussing policy without the relevant government representatives in the room.
  3. It has to be focused on what is going on on the ground in Central and Eastern Europe, not just preaching about latest developments in the Brussels bubble.
  4. There have been enough “manels” (panels with only men speakers). Both genders must be represented as much as possible.

See for yourself how we managed to hit those objectives on the numbers and figures: