2016 survey

2016 survey results

To understand what was good and what went wrong at the C4E Forum 2016, we conducted a post-event survey and 40% of the participants submitted their answers. We are proud to share the results with you.

What are the top 3 reasons that made you decide to participate?

  • The focus on CEE region
  • The mix of stakeholders from across sectors (government, business, civil society)
  • The presence of high-level speakers from business, national level and EU level

How many new connections did you make?

  • 6-10 new connections made on average
  • The most valuable connections are peers from the same sector but different country (e.g. government to government between countries).

What did you learn?

  • 90% of participants learned something new
  • 40% received “a lot of new impulses”

How would you rate the C4E Forum?

  • 80% were fully or mostly happy
  • 15% said the C4E Forum exceeded their expectations

Are you going to come back in 2018?

  • 58% of participants said YES
  • 37% of participants said MAYBE

Would you recommend the C4E Forum to a colleague?

  • 90% of participants would recommend C4E Forum to their colleagues