Closing session 2016

George Marshall: Why are renovation, energy efficiency and climate change so boring (for “normal” people)?

Co-Founder & Director of Projects, Climate Outreach

The transition to a low carbon economy is the largest technical and economic shift in a century-maybe more. It will transform our lives, work, transport and homes. Every home and office in Europe should be covered in scaffolding.

So why are so few people and politicians engaged? Why are people not doing more in their own work and lives? Why does climate change never figure in people’s key voting decisions? As founder of Climate Outreach, the leading European specialists in climate change communication, George Marshall spends much of his life listening to “normal” people. He argues that we are still failing to get our messages right for our audiences, but that if we can listen better and then speak to their values we can inspire radical session will start at 20:30 in the Club House