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/uploads/c4e_articles_00828566001509187828.JPGIntelligent lighting management systems, new business models – light as a service, production in line with the idea of circular economy – this factors create the technological face of Philips Lighting and has already been available to customers. For over 125 years, Philips Lighting has been a lighting innovator. We pioneered the electric light, LEDs and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. By leveraging the Internet of Things, we are transforming homes, buildings and cities.

Lighting control, full cost control, quick access to analysis and reporting capabilities are just some of the opportunities that Philips Lighting has to offer. It is our goal to be one step ahead of your needs and to offer today what you may need tomorrow.

Why we sponsor the C4E Forum

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for the homes, buildings and cities, the idea behind the green initiatives and sustainable development becomes more valuable. Today, for a sustainable world the transition from a linear to a circular economy is essential.

With that goal in mind, we have decided to sponsor the C4E Forum in order to support the energy efficiency in the CEE region.

Contact Philips

Twitter: @Philips
Contact person: Piotr Nowiński, Public Segment Marketing Manager at Philips Lighting

Philips workshop at C4E Forum 2018

Title: Light as a Service

Thursday (14 June) – 14.oo-15.oo – Bug+San room

New technologies in lighting and connectivity open exciting possibilities in energy efficiency. LED technology allows for great savings that can be further augmented with intelligent controls. But the technological advances can also be greatly supplemented by new business models. That can help unleash the extraordinary potential in energy efficiency locked in the public and industrial domain. During this session we will present the latest technological gains in energy efficiency in lighting as well as a new way of delivering lighting projects in line with the principle of circular economy. Case studies will be presented by representatives of both the public sector and industry. We will discuss the practical aspects of delivering Light as a Service (LaaS) model by studying a case study from CEE market in industrial segment. Also, we will hear from a new type of lighting operator in the public sector and learn how local governments can pool together resources and competences to gain better leverage and negotiating position versus suppliers.

Elevator pitch / Top 3 takeaways for participants:
Moving from early adopters towards market maturity
Disruptive business models exploit inefficiencies in the market
New technologies and connectivity in lighting open new opportunities and energy efficiency gains

Target audience: Public and Private Stakeholders

Regional relevance: Poland and CEE


Moderator: Przemysław Wojtkiewicz, Sales Public Director, North CEE, Philips Lighting
Speakers & presentations:

Energy efficiency in Public Lighting. Smart Lighting Management System Implementation – Maciej Witczak, President OUiD
How to be green and safe money at the same time. Innovative service business models – Wojciech Kuc, Signify

Q&A + Closing remarks